Sue Morris  PH: +61 407 235 067


Black B*tch PM’s Aide BB Productions/ABC

A Place To Call Home (S5)    Mary                                     Channel 7

Deadly Women                     Winnie Ruth Judd/                Beyond Productions


Dark Temptations                  Supporting                           Beyond Productions    


Poetry In Action 2018 Troupe         Team Nightingale        Directors: Darren Gilshenan, Lizzie Schebesta,

                                                                                            Samantha Young, Christopher Stollery                                       

Little Fictions                                   Monthly Actor             Spineless Wonders (Bronwyn Mehan)

Ecosexual Bathhouse                      Regular                      Pony Express (Liveworks 2016, Carriageworks)

Crave                                                M                               Montague Basement (Sydney Fringe Festival)

Victory Over The Sun                       New Human              Sydney Chamber Opera (Dir. Pierce Wilcox/Justene Williams)       (20th Biennale of Sydney)                                                                        

We Are The Ghosts                          Garnet                       7-ON Playwrights, Village Bizarre (Dir. Harriet Gillies)

of the Future

Great Island                                     Cleanthis                    Beside Ourselves Collective (Dir. Pierce Wilcox)        

Dead Time                                       Sandra                        Lace Balloon Productions (Dir. Fleur Beaupert)

Animal/People Development           Actor                           Rock Surfers Theatre Company (Dir. James Dalton)


with Brooke Robinson                        


Details Unknown                            Lorraine                      Penguin Plays Rough/Sydney Living Museums(Dir. James Dalton)

Creditors                                        Tekla                           Verge Arts Festival (Dir. Ivan Cheng)

Standing on Ceremony                  Various                       SUDS and Tectonic Theatre(USA)

Night Letters                                  Antonietta                   SoWhat? Productions for Mardi Gras

Macbeth                                         Witch 1                        Rough Hewn Theatre Troupe (Dir. Geoff Cartwright)

Eurydice                                         Eurydice                     VERGE Arts Festival, Sydney Conservatorium


Hitchcock Blonde                           Lead                           Factory Space Fringe Theatre (Dir. Roz Riley)


ZinGen                                            Performer                   Zin Collective for Underbelly Arts Festival        


Lonesome Town Doctor Bridget Harvey/Sugar Wolf

Reaching Distance               Nurse                                    David Fairhurst

Night and a Switchblade      Shale Barnes                        Ben Finer, New York City

Close                                     Hannah                                Emme Hoy (NIDA)

Schadenfreude                      Maggie                                Kate Barratt (Independent)

Troy’s Story                            Janine                                  Sydney Institute Film Academy


Conflicts available on request


The Science Show                  Hedy Lamarr                      ABC Radio National 

Life Matters                             Beatrix Potter                     ABC Radio National    

Little Fictions (Podcast)           Monthly Reader                  Spineless Wonders Publishing

Out of Place (Installation)         Various                              Spineless Wonders Publishing/VIVID Sydney 2016        


Dirty Dancing                Assistant to Wayne Blair               Lionsgate TV

Cleverman                    Assistant to Wayne Blair               Goalpost TV          

Stardust Kids                Character Entertainer                    Sam Rice, Stardust Kids Children’s parties

Sydney Schools            Compere                                       Sydney Opera House & The Performing Arts Unit Choral                                                                                                         Concerts                        


Little Fictions Sydney

Writers Festival Director/Actor Spineless Wonders publishing

GrifFRINGE                            Writer/Actor                        Griffin Theatre Company

Singing My Sister Down        Director/Adaptor                Sydney University Dramatic Society            

Just Try to Sit Still and Relax  Writer/Performer                Surry Hills Festival

The Flu Season                       Director                             Sydney University Dramatic Society

TRAINING: Bachelor of Global and International Studies (Anthropology), University of Sydney (2012);  Atlantic Acting School (NYU) Conservatory Program (2012-13) & Summer Intensive (2012); Viewpoints & Suzuki Physical theatre training; Jones/Fitzmaurice Vocal training (NYC); Leigh Pickford (Maura Fay Casting) Auditioning for Camera Master class;  Faith Martin (Faith Martin Casting) Screen Acting Master Class; Greg Apps (Greg Apps Casting) Self Test Workshop; Cinzia Coassin (Christine King Casting) Scene Work & Pilot Season Workshops.                    

Accents: Cockney, London, Northern English, Scottish, Irish, Standard American, NYC & Brooklyn, Mid-West American, New England (USA), Austrian, German, Spanish.

Special Skills and Interests: consistent yoga & meditation practice, intermediate piano, guitar, singing (choral, folk), swimming, creative writing (poetry, theatre, comedy for theatre), physical theatre/movement (Viewpoints, Suzuki), academic writing, research and discussion (Social Sciences major), producing for theatre, administrative, personal assistance and hospitality experience, teaching performance (teens and kids).