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XMas Mashup - Little Fictions At Knox St. Bar

What if Chekov’s Olga, Maria and Irina waited tables at an outback truckstop? And what if a geriatric Anias Nin and June Miller lived out their squabbling twilight years in the Melbourne suburb of Elwood? These are just two of the intriguing twists you’ll find in the Little Fictions’ xmas mashup of literary cultural references.

As well as Maria Tokalander’s brooding ‘Three Sisters’ and Alec (A.S.) Patrić’s hilarious ‘Ducks’, Susan McCreery peeks through a crack in Hitchcock’s ‘Rear Window’ and then listens in on a little-known early morning meeting between a rustic Darcy and Miss Elizabeth. Jon Steiner’s hayseeds turn out to be opera buffs and there’s an open letter to Romeo by Carol Ann Martin which is full of surprises. 

Thinking about a xmas get-together for your booklcub or literary-minded workmates – or just a festive night out with friends? Join our erudite MC, Adam Norris and the amazingly talented Little Fictions actors for a fun night of fractured fiction, a special literary pop quiz plus our traditional spin on the cocktail wheel and Spineless Wonders’ clothesline.

Book early for a prime position seat for you and your friends.


Tue, December 13, 2016

7:00 PM – 10:00 PM AEDT



21 Shepherd Street

Chippendale, NSW 2008