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Sarah Kane's Crave: Montague Basement at the Sydney Fringe

by Sarah Kane
Directed by Michaela Savina
With Adam Doughty, Clayton Moss, Kate Pimblett and Eleni Schumacher


"In fact the very first moment I saw her, her eyes smiling and full of the sun, and I shudder with grief for that moment which I have been hurtling away from ever since."

Crave is that thing that keeps you up at night.
You’ve been over it a million times but you still haven’t found that neat box to put it in.
It’s ugly and hard and funny and joyful.
It is so frustratingly paradoxical all you can do is keep following the threads hoping to tie them up but acknowledging that sometimes the narrative doesn’t always end that way. But that doesn’t mean the narrative isn’t beautiful. 

Four characters sit in a room. 
Or maybe it is not a room.
And they don’t always sit.
But they are there, with you, and they are so human it can hurt. 

Sarah Kane has given beautiful poetic dignity to some of the uglier parts of the human condition making the experience of a Crave a cathartic realise in itself. 

"The earth, by definition, has a centre. And only the fool that knows it can go wherever he pleases, knowing the centre will hold him down..but when your sense of centre shifts, comes whizzing to the surface, the balance has gone. That balance my baby has gone."